Pulling at the Union Fair  
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Pulling originated when farmers would challenge one another to see whose team
could pull the most weight. Farmers would train their oxen or horses to work the
land, haul building materials, goods or people from location to location. Over the
years pulling has turned into a organized sport, where the animals are generally
no longer used for farm work, but instead exercised regularly to keep them strong
and in shape.

Tractor Pulling at the Union Fair in Union, Maine.In Pulling there are
several different classes
in which a team can
enter. The class and
weight ofdrag are
determined by the weight
of the livestock. There
are two different types
of pulling, short distance

elimination pulls, and distance pulls.

In distance pulls, each team is given one pull in a set time frame. They are
measured by how many feet they can pull the weighted drag in the time provided.
The team that pulls the furthest is the winning team.

Elimination pulls (6ft oxen, or 12ft horses) start the drag at a base weight that is determined by the average weight of the teams entered in that class. The team then pulls the drag the required footage in the time provided.

Each team has the option to hook up twice, this will provide the team a second chance to compete in case of incompletion or stepping out of bounds. After each team has completed a level, more weight is added to the drag. If a team is not able to complete a level they are eliminated, this process is continued until we only have one winning team left.

This is truly an event for all participants! We have had a 4 year old that pulled in our ring with a young team of oxen pulling a tractor tire. We also have powder puff classes for woman only. It is truly amazing to see what these animals and teamsters can do in the ring. We also have a wonderful staff that is willing to answer any questions you may have before or after the pulling event.

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